Headwear and colour trends for Spring summer 2023

At Bronte, it's all about colours this summer.
In these times, where most of us are more conscious about consuming, we notice that choices are more carefully made than years ago. Lasting quality and timeless use and easy-to-combine colours have become important criteria. Since the start in 1992, Bronte embraces these considerations.

Bronte focuses on colours and hues that give a special accent to your eyes, skin and hair.

Colours like greens and blues reflect your eyes if their hue is green or blue. Hence these colours have a subtle attraction and give natural beauty to the person.

You will find camel and or natural-sandy tones in most summer hat styles. Those two colours match well if your hair colour is brown or blond. And sandy colours are synonym to "matches to all outfits".

2023 is also a summer for purple and pinks.
Purple is the result of a mixture of blue and red tones. For Summer 2023 we have chosen 2 shades of purple: lilac and lavender.
Lilac is a warm, gentle tone and it has a pink tone. Lilac is a versatile yet delicate tone and you can combine it with grey, orange, yellow and olive green.

Lavender has a blue undertone tone which explains the colder expression. We suggest to combine it with amethist, aubergine or white.

In the pinks, you will find fuchsia ( indeed, fuchsia is a purple oriented pink tone) which is bold, expressive and optimistic. Fuchsia combines well with black, white but also with orange, yellow and lime green.

And we have a range of pastel pinks. The colours stands for sensitivity, femininity, sweetness, and romance. Consider the rose pink or a salmon pink.

Explore the Bronte summer collection and use the colour choice options to get inspiration for a hat that matches your personality and your colour palette.