Storing hats

At Bronté, we recommend storing your hat in a closed spacious plastic bag on a shelf, or in a hatbox in a cool and dry place. Leaving your hat in direct sunlight might cause discolouration. When storing your hat on a shelf, it's important to lay it upside down on its crown (filled with some tissue paper) to take the pressure off the brim. Always handle your hat by the brim and avoid touching the crown as much as possible. You can also hang your hat on a hat rack or hook but make sure to cover the tip of the hook with some tissue paper so it doesn't cause any damage. Do not hang your hat for long periods as gravity may change the original shape of your hat. Store your knitted items or caps in a closed plastic bag to keep the moth away and add sandalwood or some cloves to the hats.

Cleaning felt hats

If your felt hat needs a pick-me-up, use a clean, soft-bristled brush, preferably from horsehair. Gently brush your hat in small, circular motions in the direction of the nap. Brushing your felt hat regularly will increase the longevity of your hat. In case your hat is covered with dust, a lint roller or some adhesive tape will do the trick. You can clean the sweatband inside your hat or cap by putting a few drops of alcohol (100%) on a clean cloth. For more severe stains, we suggest taking your hat to a local hat (repair) shop.  

Cleaning straw hats

After a warm day, your summer hat may be a bit wet from sweat. Turn the internal ribbon/sweatband out and put the hat on its crown. Leave the sweatband out to dry; this trick avoids the sweat entering the straw fibres. Sweat cannot be removed from straw fibres. For the same reason it is very difficult to remove stains from a straw hats. Contact us asap after you have noticed a stain and send a picture of your hat with the stain.

Drying a wet hat

Whenever your Bronté hat gets wet, allow it to dry naturally. Artificial heat from a hairdryer or heater can distort or shrink your hat. Before leaving your hat to dry, take the time to smooth out any imperfections as the hat will dry in the shape you leave it in.

Avoid getting your Panama and straw hats wet as the natural fibres will absorb the moisture and therefore change the hat's shape.

Travel Hats

Bronte develops a special range of travel hats by using the finest braided straws and souple felts. You can gently roll a travel hat just like an ice cream cone. Do not pleat the item nor store it at the bottom of your heavy suitcase but keep it in the top area of a trolley or bag.

If you have been travelling with a Bronté travel hat and you want to return the hat to its original shape, steam it over boiling water while shaping the hat with your hands. Make sure to be careful with your hands as the steam can be very hot. Leave the hat to dry in its original shape.


Contact us at info(at) if you have any other hat care questions.