Beret - Flo - salmon pink

€59,00 EUR

Beret - Flo - salmon rose

The salmon rose tone of this beret will pep up your winter outfit. This fine wool beret will keep your head and ears warm and cozy. The Flo beret is crafted from soft wool yarn. The yarn is knitted and afterward carefully felted. Since the 17th century, the beret is a used by men and women. Flo is specially developed for women as the folded edge is slightly longer: this allows you to cover up both ears. In addition, the beret style is the perfect finishing touch to any look and is easy to carry in your everyday bag. The Flo beret has a diameter of 28 cm and can be worn tilted on the side, or fully covering your head including ears.

Flo is also available in the following colours   


  • Material: 100% wool 
  • Sizing: one-size-fits-all.
  • Hand wash cold with mild detergent, reshape and lay flat to dry.

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