Cloche hat - Lotte - white

€89,00 EUR

Lotte - white

Lotte, a sweet cloche hat for a lovely summer. The fine cloche covers your head well and performs perfectly while you are biking on a sunny day. This hat is made of natural super braid straw and is fitted with an adjustable size system. The short-back brim enhances comfort and makes Lotte perfect for relaxing in a lounge chair. Bronté style Lotte comes with a lost & found label, to personalize your hat with your name and mobile number. Lotte is also available in the following colours.

  • Specifications

* Material: natural super braid straw.
* Brim width: approx. 3,5 cm (front) and 2,5 cm (backside).
* Hatband: ribbon approx. 2,5 cm.

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