Fedora hat - Veronique - camel

€99,00 EUR

Veronique - camel 

The sun hat Veronique is made as an extra-wide brim fedora hat style, trimmed with camel ribbon. Veronique has a lot of character thanks to the firm crown and the clear line of the wide brim. Veronique gives you full sun protection and eases the sunlight. The backside of the brim is a bit shorter than the front side to enhance the comfort when you sit in a tall garden chair or similar situation. Also available in the following colours.

  • Specifications

* Material: natural super braid straw.
* Brim width: approx. 9,5 cm in the front, 8 cm at the backside.
* Hatband: approx. 3,5 cm.

  • Sizing: one-size-fits-all.

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