Trilby hat - Trilby - natural - travel hat

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Trilby - natural 

This classic trilby hat in a summer edition is made of a crushable fine straw. The trilby can be worn on the back of the skull (the Japanese way) or covering the forehead up to 1 cm above the eyebrows (the Sinatra way). Gives medium sun protection thanks to 4,5 cm wide brim.

The braided natural straw permits to adjust the brim as you like, and Trilby is fitted with a one-size-fits-all system. Trimmed with a contrasting navy ribbon.
Bronté’s trilby comes with a lost&found label, to personalize your hat with your name and mobile number.

Do not wear in the rain, as this hat is made of natural straw.
Also available in mixed natural, black, camel, blue mix and apricot max.

  • Specifications

* Material: natural super braid straw.
* Brim width: approx. 5 cm (front) 4,5 cm (backside).
* Hatband: approx. 3 cm.

  • Sizing: one-size-fits-all.

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