Wide brim hat - Joanna - grey

€95,00 EUR

Joanna - grey greige

Joanna is a summer hat with a wide brim that can be worn up and down. Bronté opted for Joanna a natural variety, so the hat can be rolled up and is easy to take with you on a day trip. Because of the natural material the hat is airy and light in weight, which is comfortable at warm temperatures. In addition, the large edge protects your eyes and face from the sun. The sleek grey creates a classic look that suits every occasion. Joanna is decorated with a feminine trimming in the same colour as the hat. Joanna is available in multiple colours. 

  • Specifications

* Material: straw.
* Brim width: approx. 11 cm (front) 7,5 cm (backside).
* Hatband: 2 cm (straw).

  • Sizing: one-size-fits-all.

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